Babbitt’s Powersports

Since 2006, we’ve helped Babbitt’s grow from a small local dealership in Muskegon, MI to the largest parts dealer in the world for nearly all their brands. But being large and being profitable are two different things. Never satisfied with our results, our latest effort focused on maximizing the profit for each brand.

increase in profit year-over-year

Getting more while spending less is always a win. We focused our efforts on attracting the right traffic and engaging them in the right way, leading to an overall decrease in PPC spend, increase in conversion rate, and most importantly an increase in year-over-year profit!

increase in conversion rate

This example is just for the Arctic Cat brand, while the average of each brand had an increase in conversion rate of 6.5%. While it may not sound like much, when you multiply it by the millions of visitors we attract to the sites, it’s a big deal.

“I have only great things to tell you about Mindscape. We started with them in 2006 and quickly became the #1 retailer in our segment with a very high percentage of it being because of their direction and support. I can tell you for a few years I went elsewhere because of the cost and realized you truly get what you're paying for in digital. I can say they are a little higher than others as far as costs go but a Premium company and it's well worth the difference.”


Want more leads, more sales, and more profit?