Less waiting and more results with a 90-Day Campaign

Want results in a hurry? Of course, you do. With a 90-Day Digital Marketing Campaign from MINDSCAPE, you go from current state to a live, full-funnel campaign in 30 days or less. Whether you’re looking for improved leads, improved engagement, or improved sales,  a 90-Day Digital Marketing Campaign gets you more and better results with less waiting.

What is a MINDSCAPE Digital Marketing Campaign?

Very simply, it’s a single-minded approach to digital marketing. Working with your team, we select one buyer persona, one business goal, and map out tactics for each stage of the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, decision, and delight. We rapidly build and deploy campaign assets and in 30 days or less, launch the campaign. We provide weekly dashboards, monthly optimization and insights, and at 90 days, a full report. Better still, the campaign can continue to run and generate results for another 90 days. And another, and … well, you get the idea. 

Why the Digital Marketing Campaign
is just what your brand needs.

The MINDSCAPE Digital Marketing Campaign leverages all of the work that you’ve already done, to compress the time from kickoff to launch. We use your existing buyer personas and defined business goals. We bring in your team for a half-day session to generate and evaluate concepts. Our team rapidly generates the assets needed: ads, social posts, landing pages, automation: whatever makes sense for your goals and budget. And in just a few weeks, your approved campaign is live: generating measurable results.

The MINDSCAPE Digital Marketing Campaign, step-by-step


We use tactics from search to social, to send targeted traffic to your site


We create the support that  prospects need to evaluate your offering


We provide your site visitors with reasons to convert and the means to do so


We create follow-up content to build trust and nurture that new relationship

FREE website assessment

Our comprehensive website assessment provides insight into the aspects of your website that might need improvement, including user experience (UX) search engine, optimization, and content analysis. 

Get more traffic, more sales, and more results faster
with a Digital Marketing Campaign  from MINDSCAPE

“They are a supremely dedicated team, laser focused on results. I interviewed seven similar agencies for our digital marketing and Mindscape came out on top. They did not disappoint.​”