Marketing and Sales Automation

Sell more with less effort with automation and a CRM.

The key to improving the efficiency of your marketing and sales teams is having  a CRM that people actually use.

Lots of businesses have chosen a CRM, only to find the process of implementing it complicated, time-consuming, and miserable. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve helped clients who had attempted to use multiple CRMs  finally reap the reward of a Client Relationship Management platform : a sales team that spends more time selling and less time pushing papers and pixels.    

What you’ll get from Marketing and Sales Automation

  • CONSISTENT DATA: A “single source of truth” where you can instantly see every bit of contact info on every prospect, conversation, and deal, all in one place.
  • CLEAR COMMUNICATION: With the right CRM, your sales team will know everything that’s happening with an account: the emails they opened, the web pages they viewed, and the documents they downloaded, so your reps are always informed and always know what to cover during the sales call.
  • EFFORTLESS OVERSIGHT: With a robust CRM Implementation, you’ll have standard processes for how your reps track activities and prospect interactions and real-time performance insights, making it far easier to lead and manage the team. 

  • A SUSTAINABLE, SCALABLE SYSTEM: Tracking interaction in  Excel spreadsheets is fine — if you plan to only have a handful of customers. When you have dozens or hundreds of customers and contacts, you need to create tools and processes that foster growth and that scale effortlessly  as growth occurs.

What you’ll get from MINDSCAPE

So that leadership, managers, and the sales team fully understand the principles that power a strong CRM, what the CRM is capable of, and how to take full advantage of its tools and resources.

Our process gives your sales teams quick wins that quickly build their confidence and competency. With our proven process, your managers and reps will go from CRM skeptics to evangelists in just 60 days. 

Your data is living somewhere else. And it’s probably a bit of mess. We’ll work with you on what data to keep, what to toss, and how to migrate it painlessly to your new CRM.

Your CRM needs to align perfectly with the way your company and your people sell. We’ll create a sales pipeline that uses your language, your cadence, and your metrics.

How much time does your sales team burn on repetitive, tedious tasks? With a properly-implemented CRM, they’ll have the most frequently used emails, documents, and messaging at their fingertips.

A CRM needs to simplify and automate tasks so that your sales team spends less time wading through information, and more time selling. We’ll help you to automate tasks like assigning leads, alerting reps to new activity and reminding them to follow up, so deals keep moving.

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We know that many marketing and sales teams have tried — and failed — to successfully implement a CRM. If you want to see what’s possible, and how businesses just like yours have increased the efficiency of their sales teams, we’d love to show you.

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“MINDSCAPE has helped me show amazing results to develop buy-in from upper management and other team members. Our team enjoys being able to see real-time, accurate data to help make better decisions.”


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