If you read our previous post “Who Has Time for Social Media Marketing“, you should have some working knowledge of social media marketing and the benefits it provides. But even with the use of social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you may be looking to add a little flavor to your brand. Here are three methods sure to help you show your brand’s true personality.

1. Vlogging

Like your standard written blog, a video blog is relatively easy to set up and provides your customers with valuable information that they can access at their leisure. However, unlike a written blog, a video blog requires no professional knowledge of writing or print editing and it allows visitors to attach a face and name to your company.

Being in video format, a vlog gives users a more interactive experience while requiring them to do nothing more than pressing play.  If you are looking to give visitors a personal interaction while forming a great first impression, look no further.


2. Podcasts

Much like video blogging, podcasts engage listeners while requiring little work on their part. In fact, podcasts give users an efficient way to interact with your company. Customers can listen to your podcast while driving, exercising, or while otherwise occupied.

Podcasts also give you a chance to show potential customers your creative side, because you can take it in any direction you want. Maybe you want to show your customers what goes on behind the scenes, maybe you want to showcase your employees, maybe you even want to get your customers involved! With a podcast you can do it all.

Show that you are more than some faceless entity – you have personality. Once you make that clear, you won’t be just another part of a client’s day, you’ll be the whole focus of it. (To see more benefits of podcasting Click Here)


3. Gamification

Gamification is a great way to improve upon your brand. It can increase customer loyalty, help you collect and track customer data, and best of all not many companies are doing it.

Meaning you have the opportunity to create something customers have never seen.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “There must be a reason no one is doing it.”

Well, gamification is pretty new to the marketing world. It has been around for 13 years or so, but only became popular around 2010, which is why we don’t see it a lot. That being said, there are examples out there for you to follow.

So take a look and see if gamification is what your brand needs!


With these three methods in play, you should have no problem spicing up your brand.  Follow the links if you’re interested, and see if one of these methods is right for you.  Your brand’s personality is sure to improve in no time!

Want to learn more ways to add some more personality to your brand’s online presence? We would love to chat!