Sometimes the proof isn’t in the pudding at all — it’s in the numbers. If you understand the powerful data behind Inbound Marketing, you might realize it’s worth a second glance. While it’s not as familiar as some of the traditional outbound marketing tactics, it’s actually much more effective. By the numbers, Inbound Marketing has Outbound beat.

1. Inbound Leads are 61% Cheaper than Outbound Leads

Maybe you enjoy watching your ROI plummet and your bank account balance dwindle as you throw more money at television advertisements or outbound calls.

But we’re guessing you don’t. When you spend money on marketing, you want it to come back to you — with interest. That’s exactly what Inbound Marketing provides. According to a Business2Community infographic, Inbound leads are 61% cheaper than Outbound leads. In other words, you spend less money to gain each lead, which means you can divert that cash to other (money-making) pursuits.


2. 44% of Shoppers Start with a Search

When was the last time you considered a potential purchase? If you think back to the moment the idea first occurred to you, you’ll probably recall pulling up your browser and Googling it.

Your customers act the same way. They don’t want to buy a product off the shelf or purchase a serivce unless they know how much it costs, what its features are, and whether it has gotten good reviews. All this focus on search makes Inbound Marketing king, especially since 44% of shoppers begin the buying journey with a simple search.


3. 80% of Business Buyers Prefer Content to Ads

If you think inbound marketing only works for B2C companies, check the stats. According to Impact, 80% of B2B buyers want to get their information from detailed, engaging content instead of through advertisements. In other words, they want to be educated instead of pitched.

You probably hold a similar view. Ads are intrusive, noisy, and distracting. Content offers real value, which makes it indispensable if you want to gain market share. Since Inbound Marketing is based on content, it’s the perfect place to start.


4.  60% of Your Competitors Have Already Started

If you’re still not sold, look to your left and right. The companies that you compete with for customers and brand awareness have already launched their own Inbound Marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, that means they’re skipping ahead down the customer-acquisition path while you lag behind.

But don’t worry, since the number of marketers using inbound hovers at around 60 percent, you can launch your own inbound campaign and start making up the difference. Creating blog content, connecting with your prospects via email, and engaging with your audience on social media can all have a tremendous impact on your market reach.

Now that you’re equipped with the facts, it’s time to give Inbound Marketing a shot. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you navigate through these waters, so request a consultation today.