I’m sure by now you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” millions of times and, you’ve possibly struggled with how the heck you’re going to create the amount of content required to help you achieve the goals necessary to get in a favorable position with your boss.  Or, you may be wondering if “content marketing” is all it’s cracked up to be and worth investing your limited resources on planning, creating and promoting content.

The facts are that 81% of shoppers conduct online research prior to buying.  A whopping 94% of B2B buyers conduct research prior to making a purchase.  The main tools both types of buyers use are search engines and social media.  The bottom line is … If you aren’t consistently creating and distributing compelling content online, there is about a 100% chance these buyers won’t find you and you won’t be considered.

I understand that you may have an excellent reputation within your industry segment, and you feel that you’ll definitely be in the running.  That may be true, but you’ll definitely be starting behind the other competitors in the race who have taken the time to create value for these “buyers” while they were at the earliest point in the buying journey.  This has given them an advantage as they nurture the budding relationship from the start.

If you’ve never looked at content as one of the most valuable tools for your business in the past, I’d challenge you to reconsider.  The following are solid business reasons which show why content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market based on your ROI!

1. Content is a Business Asset

As much as you’d like to believe that your website is a business asset, it isn’t.  Sure it provides value, but that value is based on how well it executes conversion activity for your business. No matter how professional and structurally sound your website is, nothing happens without compelling content.

Your company’s ability to create, publish and promote content is only limited to the amount of time and resources you choose to invest.  I can guarantee you that the company within your industry segment who is actively leading the way in creating compelling and valuable content is leading the way and most likely crushing all the competition.  Valuable content is like a magnet and comes in many forms (ie. video, photography, audio, graphics, eBooks, Reports, Online Tools, etc.).  The best way to increase the value of this business asset is to keep your focus on delivering high value to your buyers and choosing formats of content which they will prefer to consume.

2. Content Can Be Shared

We all know people hang around people who are like them.  That’s one of the things that makes the Internet, and specifically Social Media so powerful!  Your ability to share news, thoughts or any other type of information with the people we know and care about in a “real time” way.

This is extremely beneficial when it comes to your content and how shareable you make it.  Make sure you provide the people consuming your content with the ability to share it. Whether it’s to send a link via email, tweet the link, share on Facebook or pin on Pinterest!  The easier you make it to share, the larger the audience you’ll build.

3. Content Can be Tailored to a Specific Audience

Every organization has different types of “buyers” they are trying to attract and convert with their website.  The beautiful thing about digital content is the ability to effectively market to each of these “buyer personas” in a specific and personalized manner.  If you had a line of people walking into your business you wouldn’t greet everyone as if you were reading the same script over and over regardless of who it was you were talking to.  Well, there is no reason to do that on your website either.  Make sure you take the time to understand your buyer’s journey and create personalized content that takes them seamlessly through the buying process and you’ll see a huge uptick in your online success.

4. Content Can be Consumed 24/7

Prior to the Internet, as business people we needed to be in proximity to our “buyers” at the exact time they were there so we could share all the wonderful information about our products and services.  Now you have the ability to reach your “buyers” at the exact moment they are interested in consuming your information. AGAIN, the only way you’ll have this ability is if you’re content is compelling, valuable and shareable!

5. Content Reinforces Your Traditional Marketing Message

Excellent content adds a deeper dimension to your traditional marketing messages by providing evidence of your value.  It’s easy to tell your buyers that you are the “leading expert” in your space, it’s another thing to prove that expertise by creating content that makes your potential “buyers” feel as though you took the time to create each piece just for them!

Please feel free to share your thoughts below or an example of how you’ve used content marketing effectively.  Also, feel free to click here to download our free “Content Marketing 101” ebook.