5 Things to Expect Working with a Digital Marketing Agency 

We realize it’s a huge decision for any size organization to make the leap and hire a digital agency. It can be a huge shift in culture and can be especially intimidating for those in the marketing department. But have no fear, we love working with your marketing department and sales team. And we love to make them look good! Here are five things to expect when working with an agency:

  1. Many of us have been in your shoes. We’ve been on the marketing team or even the “one man show” before. We understand the frustration of budgets, the pressures of a sales team and the constraints of doing all the marketing efforts for a business or organization.
  2. We organize. Our Client Success Managers spend hours looking at your project with our team members and schedule things weeks (even months) in advance so that we can meet deadlines. We have many processes in place so that we don’t miss any detail.
  3. Our job is to delight you. And to make you look good. Nothing makes our agency team members happier than showing a client a kick ass presentation and getting great feedback. Whether we are creating website designs or writing a case study, we want our clients to feel we are partners and want success for them.
  4. Trust us. Sometimes we think outside of the box. While we enjoy our partnership, sometimes you need to be objective. Our Strategists will look at your business and current efforts and be brutally honest because they are looking for opportunities. We realize, you know your business best, but we will use data and proven methods to drive results. Sometimes that means letting go of other marketing efforts, but if you trust us, we can get you there.
  5. Things take time. Results are not guaranteed in days or even in weeks. We like to think of our partnership with any client as a marathon, lots of preparation and a steady pace will get you to the finish line. Sometimes results come quickly and at other times we need some data and research to help understand your customer’s buying habits.

Our goals should align with yours. We are here to help you grow and get you results. Want to learn more about MINDSCAPE, our process and the results we can produce for you, let’s get the conversation started!