Bing has a website that allows you to compare their search results to Google’s. With 5 queries, you receive two blind search results side-by-side with no branding, and you’re asked to choose the one you prefer. Think of it as a blind taste test of search.

I ended up on the site today because I was reading an SEO forum and someone made a mention of it. Here’s the specific quote, “If you are upset with Google you can go and try the “Bing it on” challenge on Bing. Ahem – I just did it twice and Google thrashed Bing both times.”

Intrigued, I searched for it (on Google) and here’s what happened:

• I completed 5 random searches

• I selected my preference for each one

• I was provided with my results


Even though they are telling me their study shows people prefer Bing over Google, Bing didn’t win a single one of my selections.

Even after all that, this is where Bing wins me over, and the purpose for this post.

I have two big takeaways from this experience:

  1. Because Bing took a risk and developed something of value and engagement, people talk about it. It’s what got me to the site to even consider Bing. It’s what got me to write this post, once again promoting this site to you.
  2. They didn’t let the FEAR of knowing their own tool could actually tell me that Google is the best search engine for me stop them. They created something that’s share worthy, of value that people will talk about. And do. Progressive Insurance uses this same tactic very successfully, recommending their competition when the customer isn’t the right fit.

As SEO continues to be more complex, it will continue to be about valuable, engaging, and sharable content. Too often, FEAR of the “what if” drives digital strategies and content is created that’s safe.

Take a risk. Create something that’s share worthy! More often than not, it will help you in the long run.

Hope this helps,