People determine the success of a business. They ultimately decide whether a company, business or organization thrives or is driven into the ground headfirst. So wouldn’t you want to do everything you can for your people and provide them an outlet for their needs? Don’t know how? The solution is very simple: people crave compelling content.

People love stories.

So give them stories! Too many businesses are afraid to do this. Maybe they’re afraid of letting out a secret, maybe fear of rejection…whatever your reason for not compiling stories, ignore it! There’s absolutely no shame in putting yourself out there and letting people see the guts of your business – in fact, the complete opposite is true. When they see that real people, just like them, are working as hard as they are to achieve a goal or help a customer, they will instantly see your business as relatable. Providing a looking glass into your organization by telling stories will help people connect with you on a real level. And people like real stuff.

I see websites and social media outlets all the time that lack any sense of content. Sure, they’ll have links abound and copy that fills up their entire real estate, but where’s the personality? Once people have seen your site content, they’ve seen it. There’s really no reason for them to visit again, unless there’s engaging, original content that is useful in their lives. Providing fresh and relevant content by telling stories will help them see you as a source for their everyday needs.

People are publishers.

People naturally love to share. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow anyone to make their lives public. They want to publish. Their friends, followers or viewers seek information that is interesting to them. Take this approach with your business – find some great people who can publish great content for your organization. The world is an open door. You just have to grasp and share your content with it.

Publishers provide content.

With the right people in place who are great at working as a team, your content department will become a buzzing publishing department. Publishing frequent, quality content on a continuous basis to the right channels will provide users a platform to refer back to when they need information. Publishing this content in a form that is relevant, informative and understandable can help your content be published on an even larger spectrum.

Renee Achterhof is a content developer for MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry