When many businesses were forced online in 2020, the customer experience put out was often hastily built. Businesses were creating websites that were sloppy and frustrating to work with – yet still have the exact same websites up to this day. Differentiating the customer experience of your business has the potential to lead to huge dividends and there’s never been a better time to lean in this direction.

By focusing on a holistic customer experience, your business is able to provide something that’s highly desirable to customers that big businesses are unable to replicate. 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service and 86% of one-time customers will become long-term customers when provided with a great experience.

When people, processes, and technology align to support a cohesive customer experience, you begin to operationalize revenue generation across your organization. The work of actively creating, building, and managing this alignment is known as “Revenue Operations” or RevOps. Maximizing your RevOps is a top priority for us at MINDSCAPE.

So what actually goes into creating a cohesive, desirable customer experience? Customer experience is everything you do. From digital ads to your website, to sales emails, to how knowledgeable and friendly your staff is when handling a service call.  It is the combined experience a user receives from every touchpoint they have had with your brand.

As harsh as it sounds, trying to compete with the largest brands on products, services, or prices is almost always a losing battle. Big businesses are always going to be able to price their products lower than you. They can take a hit to their margins and still stay afloat while a small business might not be able to. Large brands can often invest in high quality products, or offer a better service due to their size and budget.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by this, your business can use this information to its advantage. There is one place where you can compete with and exceed the big brands — customer experience. Many of the big brands simply don’t care about the experience they offer their customers. Think back to the last time you had to interact with your Internet Service Provider like Comcast or AT&T, I’d be willing to bet it was not a very good experience.

91% of customers who receive a low-effort experience also report being loyal customers, there’s no limit to the customers big brands are willing to give minimal effort with. It seems the big brands have left themselves a vulnerable angle to attack when learning 83% of customers feel more loyal to brands who respond and resolve their complaints and learning the majority of customers, 68%, are willing to pay more from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences.

For the large brands, they lose control of some of their touchpoints under the sheer size of the operation they’re attempting to manage. Every handoff from marketing to sales, sales to service, and so on can be messy and ripe for confusion. Departments are often segmented and very little communication happens from one department to the next. This can often lead to a laborious, frustrating process for the consumer.

With the more manageable size of your business, you can ensure that transitioning from department to department is a pleasant, smooth process. By keeping the RevOps principles of alignment and a cohesive customer experience in the front of every employee’s mind, your business is sure to provide a substantially better CX than the large brands.

If your business is interested in utilizing a RevOps strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

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