Many companies simply don’t take the correct mental approach to developing their online strategy. Without this, the foundation will be weak and the opportunity for success can be greatly diminished. It is easy to SAY you want to make a whole lot of money on the Internet, but fully developing a plan and having the patience for it to play out is much more difficult. Let’s face it…we are all VERY busy running our companies and overseeing the day to day operations. Launching a new Internet initiative can seem to be a monumental task that will require much more effort than it is worth. Many companies find themselves overwhelmed early in the process, and quickly abandon their initial plan. Although they may not realize it…this abandonment may be costing them thousands or even millions of dollars.

Great business leaders become great because they are effective in setting initiatives and delegating responsibilities in such a way that the initiatives can be accomplished with as little disruption to the normal course of business as possible. Even if you haven’t reached the level of a “Great Business Leader,” you can at least do what they do, and soon become what they are.


It is easy as a leader to focus on what you NEED in your business rather than what you WANT. Due to this, many companies reach a plateau because they are constantly working on getting enough money in the door to cover their financial responsibilities every month. Once they have reached this goal, they find themselves running to make sure they can do it the following month. They are so busy meeting their needs, they don’t have the opportunity to determine what they truly want.

The first step in the process of developing the proper mindset is to sit down and take the time to write out the specific outcome you would like to receive. The natural instinct will be to allow reality to creep in and you will resort to listing out the items you need. It is VERY important not to fall in this trap. You can look at this time as a “dream session,” but know that once this dream session has been completed, you will definitely be taking the time to implement a plan utilizing your available resources to accomplish this outcome. You may find it difficult in the beginning to shake off the tendency to reign in your dreams, but with a little practice, you will find a new level of energy and excitement as you take the time to go through this exercise.