Developing Inbound Marketing content for your target audiences (or buyer personas) can be a lot like fishing. Ok, so before you think I’m totally crazy, hear me out.

Here’s the scenario…

It’s a beautiful sunny day and you are out on the open ocean trying to catch some bluegill. You have a big, shiny lure that looks beautiful glittering in the sun. Confident that your beautiful lure will catch a plethora of bluegill, you cast it out … but no bites.

A bit puzzled you reel in and cast to a different spot … but again there are no bites.

Feeling some frustration, you start wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” You do some research and discover that bluegill are primarily freshwater fish. Aha! You have been fishing in saltwater. Problem solved, you move to a freshwater fishing hole.

Happy in your new freshwater lake, you cast again and wait … you get a bite! You reel it in but unfortunately it’s a bass. Your excitement is gone, and you throw it back.

As the day goes on you get another bass … and another. So you ask yourself,  “Why am I catching so many bass, but no bluegill”. You get to researching again. You learn grubs on a small hook make a bluegill lure. Bluegill have tiny mouths and simply can’t get their lips around a big lure. Brilliant! Now you know what water your fish prefers, what bait your fish prefers and you are going to be the bluegill master!

Having the right lure is key in fishing and Inbound Marketing …

In the case of Inbound Marketing, that lure is valuable and engaging content that features keywords that your personas are searching for and placing those lures in the spaces where they hang out. 

So how do you aquire all of this information that will help lure in your audience? Research and trial and error! And we have just the tool to help you keep all of that research and new information organized, our Target Profile Worksheet.