It’s easy to get caught in the trap of constantly focusing on how we can make more money with our business. Some nights you lay in bed tossing and turning trying to figure out how you can increase your sales an additional $10k each month to afford that new employee, or maybe just so you can stop ending up in the red each month. It’s a horrifying feeling and eliminates any chance you’ll get quality sleep until you figure it out.

As long as you find yourself chasing the almighty dollar, you’ll continue to be sleep deprived. I know this may sound crazy but it’s absolutely true.

For years I wondered why our company seemed to live paycheck-to-paycheck, when I spent so much time each day trying to figure out how to increase the company revenue. I just couldn’t figure it out. Finally I brought this concern up to a mentor of mine and was surprised when he told me, “You are focusing on the wrong thing.” I was a bit irritated when I heard that response. I am intimately familiar with the Law of Attraction and know that we attract the things and circumstances we focus on most of the time. I set all my preconceived notions aside and asked him what I was supposed to be focusing on, if not increasing the company’s revenue.

He told me that the perfect way to build a thriving company is to make sure you have clients that are raving fans. The best way to have raving fans is to provide tremendous value to them. The Internet has conditioned people to focus much more on what’s in it for them than ever before. If you build your business while focusing on giving clients much more than they expect, they’ll tell everyone they know and your business will soon go through the roof.

Wow. I was amazed at how simple this concept was, and even more amazed that I hadn’t figured it out much sooner. I knew it was important to focus on providing solid customer service. But when I looked at my business from this perspective, I realized that just good customer service wasn’t going to cut it.

The bottom line is that if you focus on taking care of your clients and prospective clients by delivering and developing excellent content, they will like you. Once this happens they will happily take out their checkbook when you have something to offer them. Focus on giving and you will receive much more in the end!

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