Why Franchise’s Should have a Network of Websites

Franchise businesses have a unique opportunity to leverage the power of online marketing (SEO) at both the franchisor and franchisee level. As search results become more localized and focused on the searcher, branching out into a network of websites can open up exceptional results from search and brand recognition.

Often the corporate franchise website will represent the entire entity as well as a page or two for each location. All of the information visitors find in search will be from the corporate prospective and lead them to a location page where the visitor can find a little bit about the franchise in their area. Search engines see this as only one website.

A network of franchise websites, meaning each location has its own website, will deliver more opportunity to be found in search. Local websites will also allow each franchisee to tell their story, share local images, testimonials and more information geared for their area than could ever be included on a single corporate site.

Franchise Website Marketing, network of websites

Brand standards, brand equity and marketing support are important considerations for potential franchisees. As a franchisor, you can offer each owner a website based on the brand standards, the national or global digital marketing strategy and tailor it to their location. It’s a win win win. How?

  • The franchisor sets the tone and brand standards. You can establish the overall design, navigation and user experience based on corporate sales and marketing initiatives.
  • The franchisee can tell their local story, more about their location and their staff, along with their role in the community. Pages will still be consistent with the corporate site, but tailored to the location. People (searchers) want to do business with people they know and trust. Control to edit content, provide local event information will empower owners to run their business.
  • Potential customers will find a local business with the products or services they need, yet recognize the brand equity that the franchisor has established.

If your franchise business is running one corporate website with a location finder and a page for each location, let’s talk about how you could transform your business and further support your franchisees with a network of websites.