Is your business using Vine, yet? Did you know businesses are using Vine?

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Vine is a video app that allows you to record a six-second clip. The short clip will loop, creating a gif, which can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Your video clips can either be six consecutive seconds, or you can stop and start as much as you please until you’ve reached your six-second limit (which is a fantastic invitation to create videos reminiscent of stop motion).In case you’re not familiar, Vine is considered to be an app from Twitter, but it actually started out as a three-man company before Twitter acquired it in October of 2012, before it even went live. Twitter officially launched Vine in January of 2013 and it quickly climbed the ranks to become the #1 free app on Apple’s App Store within six months of its acquisition.

Should you be using Vine?

Twitter seems to care greatly about Vine, and its users are constantly on the rise. So, where does that leave businesses? Is Vine beneficial for everyone, or just pet owners, parents of small children, and amateur video enthusiasts?

As with any social media channel, it really will depend on your industry and your target audience. However, if you’re curious or considering dabbling in Vining, take heart! Businesses have been jumping on the Vine bandwagon since its debut and there are many inspiring examples to help you get your creative juices flowing. While six seconds may seem painfully short for a well-crafted video, it’s surprisingly just the right amount of time needed to grab your audience’s attention, get your messaging across, and make an impact.

What are businesses using Vine for, anyway?

From well-known brands to local shops, businesses of all sizes and industries are using Vine to market their brand, products, services, and simply to connect with past, current, and potential customers. As simple as taking viewers on an office tour, capturing employees’ personalities, or showcasing products and services (or a teaser OF a teaser trailer for The Wolverine) in a creative and entertaining way, your biggest limit is your own creativity.

Take a look at these great examples of how some businesses are utilizing Vine:


Another use for Vine? Job hunting, apparently. Yes, it’s entirely possible to showcase your resume in six seconds and land a job, like Dawn Siff.

How do you think YOU’LL be using Vine?