Today, in my email, I noticed the following ad:


At first I thought, “That’s odd. Why would they give me an Israel ad?” Immediately following that thought, I started to connect the dots.

At MINDSCAPE, we are proud of our culture. We encourage the team to travel as much as possible, and have a MINDSCAPE flag for them to carry along to share in their photos.

Brianna, one of our very talented digital marketers, recently spent a week in Israel. Of course, as with any trip we all take, pictures are snapped and shared via social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Brianna shared many.

She returned to the office, shared lots of stories, but never did I do any research as it relates to Israel.

I also know that in the near future, my business partner’s wife, Amanda, will be traveling to Israel as well for an extended vacation.

All this got me thinking.

Google owns a LOT of data. I believe the reason I received this ad is because through all Google’s data, they know that Brianna works at MINDSCAPE. They also know, through connections, that Amanda is married to a co-founder of MINDSCAPE. And, of course, they also know I work at MINDSCAPE. I believe they be making the correlation that if two individuals associated with our company are traveling to Israel, that there’s a higher probability others are interested as well through real life conversations, therefore there’s a higher value to showing such an ad to anyone associated with our company.

It’s just a hunch. But fun to think about. Have you had any experiences like this?