Investing in an Inbound Marketing plan can be a big step, so naturally, it raises a few questions and concerns. I asked our Business Development Manager some of the questions he is asked most frequently when having conversations with potential clients about Inbound Marketing plans.

Why do we need buyer personas when we already know our target market?

Typically knowing your “target market” consists of knowing very high level information about your 
customers like:

  • Age
  • Geographic location
  • Job title and salary

While our buyer personas cover all of this information, they also provide MUCH more information about who your customers are as people, not just statistics. We look at information like:

  • Goals in their career
  • Pain points and challenges they face
  • Sources they get information from

Having this type of insight allows you to create more specialized content that specific buyers will find valuable. 

Will we be responsible for blogging or will MINDSCAPE do that for us?

Depending on which type of plan you choose, we will write either 1 or 2 blogs a week for you. If you have the capabilities, we encourage clients to write their own blog posts to supplement our work, particularly if they want to blog about new products, services, or special events.

So, what exactly does our blog writing process look like? Each month we provide our clients with a list of blog topics that we would like to write. The topics are chosen based on information (like buyer personas) that we have outlined in our overall strategy. Once the topics are approved we start writing.

I think our organization is too specialized and our target market is small. Would we benefit from Inbound Marketing?

Absolutely! Even if you operate in a super-specialized niche, you can still use Inbound Marketing tactics (blog posts, email campaigns, etc.) to help generate revenue and increase market reach.

Inbound Marketing content also provides you with a platform for educating and helping out potential (and even current) customers. By publishing information-rich blog posts, you are given the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

How quickly will we begin to see the results?

Since every organization is different, the time it takes to see results can vary. Some start to see results right away, but for others it takes a few months before you start to see the fruits of your labor. But if you do decide that changes need to be made to the approach, Inbound plans are agile. We can look at the analytics, see what’s not working (and what is) and make changes accordingly. 

Hopefully this answered some of the questions you might  have about how exactly an Inbound Marketing plan works. If you have other questions, we would be happy to talk about them!