What predictions do you have for inbound marketing in 2016?

With 2016 on the horizon, that’s the question we asked the MINDSCAPE team. Read on to find out what some of the team is predicting.

pferrier of MINDSCAPE

“In 2016, even more manufacturers will add eCommerce as a way to improve the support of their distribution channel while also creating awareness/demand with their end users. With more manufacturers going down this path, more positive case studies will be created and data to help educate the distribution channel who continue to see eCommerce as a threat to their business model.”
pferrier | Chief Strategy Officer


“With the rise of streaming television and movies, and the growing number of smart televisions in the home, I predict we’ll start to see more interactive ads on television, further merging the online browsing experience with the television watching experience.”
Jeff | Director of Production Control

Emily Fitzgerald of MINDSCAPE

“In 2016, businesses will invest even more into video marketing and analytics. Videos help businesses entertain and engage their audiences through powerful visuals, colors and music. More importantly, videos often humanize a faceless business, in turn building brand loyalty and trust.”
Emily FitzGerald | Digital Project Manager

Jim Buchanan of MINDSCAPE

“Remarketing will continue to grow in terms of more avenues, more flexibility in using remarketing lists. And to piggyback Jeff’s prediction, remarketing would be an excellent fit with smart TVs.”
Jim Buchanan | Digital Marketing Specialist


“I think that in 2016 more companies will start to use inbound marketing tactics, particularly B2C companies. Many large companies are starting to develop really great blogs with interesting content that engage customers, trying to build relationships with them rather than just trying to sell products. Some great examples are Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Coca Cola and Whole Foods.”
MINDSCAPE | Inbound Content Writer

Amanda Shoemaker of MINDSCAPE

“Scrolling for content has become the norm on desktop thanks to mobile devices. However, too-long of scrolling is now on the horizon. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I expect to see more data driven design rather than just aesthetics. Not just user paths and how to convert, that’s definitely a part of it, but actual design aspects and graphics that enhance and encourage the user’s journey. And finally, originality. I expect (and hope) to see sites break away from the normal templated design concept, using techniques that provide a unique and personalized web experience.”
Amanda Shoemaker | Digital Account Manager

Mark-Swanson of MINDSCAPE

“I predict web design starts to take more cues from magazines with a focus on content, typography and big visual imagery. I expect we’ll see an introduction of more ‘design languages’ or design framesworks like Apple’s ‘Flat design’, Google’s ‘Material Design’ and Microsofts ‘Metro’, similar to different front end development frameworks. Also, expect to see micro animations and other subtle animations in user interface elements like navigation, buttons, loaders, etc. And finally, more unique layouts like vertical split content (to address multiple audiences), grids, cards, etc.”
mswanson | Senior UI/UX Designer

Amy Snell of MINDSCAPE

“I predict an increase in hidden/hamburger/full screen menus, more interaction with the navigation for personalized experiences, and more asymmetrical grids  and overlapping elements in design.”
Amy Snell | Senior UI/UX Designer

mbrand of MINDSCAPE

“I predict 2016 will bring more creative hover states, more use of material design based interactions, less scrolling & more scrolling (the most controversial), larger body copy, all to improve customer centric design.”
mbrand | Senior UI/UX Developer

“In 2016 and in the coming years, as we see eCommerce continue to grow, there will be more emphasis on removing uncertainty. Creating that feeling you get when you try on clothes at the store, or when you hop into a brand new truck on the lot. Short term this could mean motion animation. While long term we’ll see more of a virtual reality experience when shopping online.”
Justin Lang | Developer

Randy Hook of MINDSCAPE

“Website access via mobile continues to skyrocket, so it will become increasingly less important for companies to follow the traditional path of spewing out tons of copy for a site. Instead, sites will become more app-like, designed to deliver content that matters to the user and to deliver it quickly. To see some examples, check out LLI Design or Design Museum.”
Randy Hook | Developer

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