I’m going to let you in on a little secret about the internet. It isn’t real.

Yes, you can log on the internet and it will show you things. You haven’t imagined it. In that sense, it’s real. But it isn’t real like a car or a building or a plane. Those objects can be touched. Those objects have to be built. And those objects are not easy to change once they are in use.

Product recalls are what happens when “real” products have to change. On the internet, it’s a whole different story. One day a website has just one page, the next day there are a dozen. One day something is broken, the next day it isn’t. One day you can’t build a thingamajig, the next everyone is thingamajigging.

Therein lies the beautiful secret of the internet – your website isn’t a rocketship. It does not have to be done to launch it. Launch what you have and keep adding to it. Get it out the door as fast as possible, and then continue to work on it every day until it is what you want it to be. And once you have what you want, keep working on it anyway.

Why launch right now?

  • If you are standing still on the internet, you’re losing.
  • You can change what’s on the internet. Choose a good content management system, or partner with a company that has your success in mind so that you can change fast.
  • Find out what your users want. You may think you know what’s important, but you don’t really know until your users tell you what they need.
  • When your new site is live, it adds incentive to finish up the areas that you are stuck on.

So what are you waiting for? Launch the minimum viable product or website and see what happens!