So you’ve built a groundbreaking mobile app in the “virtual farting” genre or a great mobile website. You’re hoping people will check it out. You’ve built it, but how do you know if they will come?

Traditional Web analytics will sometimes work on mobile sites, but they are not always ideal. A more mobile-centric approach to analytics may sometimes be necessary. It really depends on how large your mobile audience is. But how will you ever find that out without mobile analytics?

Here are six solutions to mobile analytics for your mobile website or mobile app. Spend some time reviewing each one to make sure it fits your needs. I’m not endorsing them so much as compiling them here in this article as a quick round-up of the major players in mobile analytics.

In fact, the descriptions below each one are basically marketing copy pulled from their respective sites.


Bango powers mobile analytics for leading content publishers, providing the most accurate view of visitors, their behavior and engagement levels.

Bango’s relationships and technology provide accurate unique visitor identification and the best understanding of where visitors are from including their device, country, and operator (MNOs and MVNOs). Understand visitor behavior and engagement levels across your mobile website and gain key insights for future optimization.

We deliver real-time reporting for the fastest reactions with powerful filtering for precise segmentation. Export reports and integrate data into your own tools via comprehensive web service APIs.

Flurry Analytics: Deep Audience Insights

Flurry Analytics delivers powerful insight into how consumers interact with your mobile applications in real-time. Over 50,000 companies have chosen Flurry Analytics to use in more than 100,000 applications across iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and J2ME.

Flurry Analytics helps mobile application developers make better apps, deepen consumer engagement and improve monetization of their applications. The service is free, cross-platform, easy to integrate, able to handle data loads of any size application and frequently updated with new, advanced features.

Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to track traffic to your regular website that comes from high-end mobile devices like iPhones, Android devices, and the Palm Pre. All traffic from high-end mobile devices can be viewed by device or carrier under the ‘Visitors’ section in the ‘Mobile’ tab of your Analytics account, or in the ‘Mobile advanced’ section.


Localytics is the only enterprise-quality solution built for mobile phone & tablet apps. Unlike websites, applications offer a richer experience and are far more integrated with phones and tablets — apps can access location services, accelerometers, networking information and more. Apps also have different session models and can support offline usage.

Localytics processes app usage data in real-time, immediately after they have been collected, making the results available to you in just minutes. Whether you are tracking advertising, measuring the impact of a promotion, or quality testing before a release, you no longer have to wait hours or days for results.


`PercentMobile is a hosted mobile analytics service that makes your mobile audience and opportunities clear.

No one wants to spend hours puzzling over the meaning of their mobile data, so we built PercentMobile from the ground up for people not specialists. All the action takes place on a single screen and the mobile analytics reports are extremely easy to filter and interact with. The complete experience is designed to help you understand your mobile audience and turn findings into action.

Mobile analytics requires data collection and processing to be handled differently then traditional Web analytics. PercentMobile is built from the ground up for mobile. Data integrity is ensured by how we track, process and report on your traffic data using our mobile-specific databases, algorithms and business rules.

Webtrends Mobile Analytics

Webtrends Mobile Analytics provides you with deep insights into your customers’ engagement and loyalty, shows the content and media they find most compelling and reveals opportunities to improve your app. That’s a competitive advantage.

With the new Analytics 10, you can compare mobile to your other channels, or compare an iOS app to your mobile site. The mobile landscape is changing at the speed of light; make sure you are intimate with how your customers are engaging with your mobile properties.

Mark Swanson is the Creative Director for MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry. He also specializes in mobile development.