Try These Inbound Marketing Tips

How would you describe your organization’s online marketing mix? Is it like chicken noodle soup? While it may be satisfying it just doesn’t have that extra oomph and excitement of a dish like chicken curry.

Take your online marketing mix to the next level by shifting from a more traditional marketing approach to an inbound marketing approach. You might be asking yourself how exactly do these two approaches differ? Well, inbound marketing relies on creating innovative content that engages the target audience rather than bombarding them with messages, as traditional marketing sometimes does. The hope is that quality, specialized content will lead to more leads, sales and profits.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your online marketing mix try some of these strategies used by inbound marketing professionals:

Experiment With New Social Media Recipes

 When most of us think of social media we think of the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what about other platforms like LinkedIn or Google +? LinkedIn can be used for so much more than making personal business connections. Here are some new things to try on LinkedIn:

  • join interest groups relevant to your industry
  • share content in addition to making connections

 Just because you are experimenting with a new ingredient like LinkedIn or Google + don’t neglect the staples of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, spice them up:

  • share interesting content like articles and blog posts
  • post photos that show behind the day to day happenings at your organization
  • utilize hashtags to make your content searchable 

 Does all of this sound time consuming? Consider using a social media dashboard like Hootsuite to manage social media accounts from one place. 

Add a New Dish to Your Marketing Menu, the Blog

A regularly updated blog with quality content is a great way engage customers and interact with other people in your industry. A blog can be a great way to:

  • introduce your organization, its values and areas of expertise
  • spread the word about your products, services, events, etc.
  • share opinions on topics pertaining to your field

Consider utilizing the social media platforms mentioned above to promote your blog.

Spice Up Your Website with Interactive Web Content

Consider adding web content and inbound marketing content that engages website visitors and gives them a more active web experience. While the content should be tailored to your target audience and industry, some content that can be widely used includes:

  • contests, promotions or coupons
  • videos or podcasts
  • downloadable content like FAQ sheets or white papers
  • a contact us or request a quote/consultation form 

Unique and interactive web content can help you set you apart from competitors and hopefully turn visitors to your website into leads. 

Experimenting with these new ingredients can help take your online marketing mix from chicken noodle soup to spicy chicken curry. For more information on how inbound marketing can impact your organization check out the 2015 State of Inbound Report below.