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2016 Inbound Marketing Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn Workshops have been filling up fast! Why? Because they give industry professionals a chance to come together and learn from one another. Join us and explore the challenges you are facing with colleagues and experts alike.

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The October 18th section of the class is full! And with the busy holiday season right around the corner, our next Create & Execute class won’t be until after the new year. Stay tuned for the dates!

Case Study 

Columbia College of Hollywood

 One important part of a successful homepage, is a navigation that makes it easy for visitors to explore the layers of your site. Our client, Columbia College of Hollywood, wanted to make it easier for visitors to navigate to the pages for specific majors (and increase traffic to those pages).

We proposed adding a drop down menu (shown above) where students could select their area of interest and navigate right to that page.

 Making major changes to a homepage can seem daunting, so we ran a 2 week long A/B test where half of the page visitors were shown the homepage with the new drop down menu and half were not.

The results were overwhelming. The home page version with the drop down menu was the clear winner, it increased average page views by 23.41% and bounce rate lowered 3.82%

The ability to do A/B testing is just one of the many benefits of taking a Growth-Driven Design (GDD) approach to website design.


How to Build the Best Website: 2016 Edition

Building the best website requires you launch fast, learn fast, and change. We have to rethink website design and approach it as a process rather than a project. It doesn’t matter how good the team is, any new website design is based on educated guesses and those guesses need to be tracked and reported on. Do you think changing button color from blue to red will increase click-through-rates? Change it. Measure it. Report on it. Did it have the effect you intended? If so, move on to another piece of the site. If not, try again. This is a process, not a project.

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Meet Stephan

What brought you to MINDSCAPE?

Mindscape’s willingness to embrace change was huge. And the kindness, respect, and enthusiasm that Pete and Paul exhibit day in and day out.

What do you do here?

Copywriting and messaging.

What do you like to do in your free time?  

I drink a lot of craft beer.
I also run. Slowly, but I’ve done marathons in DC, Detroit, Chicago, Green Bay, and I’ve run the River Bank Run about 15 times. I started kayaking about four years ago. I like to put-in to the Grand River at Wealthy Street and paddle down near Johnson Park.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Why?

I’d love the freedom, the sense of weightlessness, and to not be tethered by gravity.
(Yes, I know that most of this is possible with a drone from Radio Shack.)