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2016 Inbound Marketing Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn Workshops give industry professionals a chance to come together and learn from one another. Through the discussions and activities that make up a Lunch & Learn presentation, you will be able to pose the questions you have and explore the challenges you are facing with colleagues and experts alike.

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MINDSCAPE has helped companies generate more leads, more sales and more profit for the past 15 years. Our processes have helped generate well over $1 billion of additional revenue for the clients we’ve served.

We are opening our playbook and providing you with access to the processes, tools and thinking which have led to this success. We are excited to announce our 60 Day Create and Execute Program!


Case Study

Cornerstone University came to us looking to give their website a new look and feel, in the hopes that this would increase site traffic and application rates. To help Cornerstone meet these goals we improved the user experience by restructuring the sitemap and creating new user paths and new landing pages.
In year-over-year comparison, of the old site in 2015 to the new site in 2016, Cornerstone saw a:
  • 746% increase in the number of applications received
  • 59% increase application conversion rate
  • 541%  increase in organic search visits to the homepage

The proof is in the numbers, a better user experience = a better performing website.

How to Get More Leads Through Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers or leads by taking the desired action (like downloading a content offer or filling out a form).

Any changes that you think about making to your website to help improve conversions should be informed by user feedback and cold, hard facts like:

  • Bounce rate – percent of people who leave the site after viewing ONLY ONE page
  • Exit rate –  percent of people who leave  the site after viewing A SPECIFIC page
  • Average time on site – how long a person is on the site during a single session
  • Average page views –  how many pages the average visitor goes through before leaving

While analyzing the stats is crucial for optimizing your website, at the end of the day it’s really all about knowing your target audience (or personas, in Inbound lingo). It’s about knowing what they want out of a website experience and what types of content they are most responsive to.

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          David’s House Ministries Walkaton

At MINDSCAPE we love our clients!

We had an amazing opportunity to really get to know one of our newer clients David’s House Ministries this past weekend. We were blown away by all the hearts that are touched by the work being done at David’s House. In broad terms the ministry provides care and facilities for adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain-injuries. But after spending a few hours with the families that attended the walkathon we learned David’s House Ministries is so much more! It is peace of mind, a support system and an extended family for 37 residents and their families.
If you would like to learn more about David’s House Ministries you can request information or schedule a visit.  Tell them the MINDSCAPE crew sent you!