In our 15 years as a digital marketing agency we’ve been asked almost every question a client could possibly ask. Everything from, “Shouldn’t my logo be bigger?” to “Can I have an animated frog hopping around the bottom of each page?”. Although some questions are asked more frequently than others, there are some consistently asked by our clients. Here are just a few of them…

How long will it take to create my site?

I know I know, I wish we could whip up a site for our clients in a week, too. It would certainly make my life easier. But in reality, a quality, lead-generating website, takes time. How much time do you ask? This is dependent on a variety of things such as:

  • the size of the site
  • duration of approval processes
  • content creation vs. content insertion
  •  if custom features are required

These factors are what drive MINDSCAPE’s sales team. We strive to find the answers to these questions throughout our sales process— in order to ensure we are giving each client an appropriate timeline, tailored to their site’s specific needs.

All that having been said, if someone came to our office and said, “You must tell me how long my website will take to launch, or I will spam your emails with painfully adorable kitten memes!!” I’d have to answer that we typically allocate a standard 12 week timeline for our traditional website development projects. This is from project kickoff to full deployment of the new site.

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How much will it cost to create my site?

This is another one we always get asked, and it’s also another one that has a lot of dependencies (many of the same ones the timeline relies on). But again, if you are threatening us with your kitten memes, we typically price our traditional website development projects between $20,000 and $30,000

Now, before we send a potential client running into the arms of the nearest dev shop, keep in mind MINDSCAPE offers a plethora of value adds when it comes to building a site. It’s not just about throwing a site on the easiest platform. We provide strategy and reasoning behind everything we do. This includes things like buyer personas and how a website will specifically speak to key audiences to help generate leads for a client’s business.

To see a full list of the different ways MINDSCAPE goes above and beyond to produce positive results for our clients, visit our Services page.

Who will I be working with, and how often will I be involved?

Here at MINDSCAPE, and at many smaller marketing agencies, when someone chooses to work with us they have access to our entire team of experts. We pride ourselves on our high degree of collaboration and ability to tap into each person’s unique talents to offer the best results for our clients.

Depending on the type of partnership the client is engaging in with us, they will be assigned either a project manager (traditional website builds), or they will work with an account manager (long-term, retainer work). This person will be their main point of contact throughout the project or retainer. They are responsible for developing the relationship between the client and MINDSCAPE as a whole, and ensuring the client is up to speed on where the project is at all times. When it comes time for the fun stuff, like presentations when we get show off all of our UHMAZING work, the PM/AM will pull in the appropriate team members for the client to meet with.

In the true spirit of collaboration, we love having the client involved in the project from start to finish. Although we are proficient in the marketing, design and development areas, we always take into account our clients’ ideas as well. After all, our clients are the best information source for us to draw from, and their knowledge is highly valued by the entire team.

I would be willing to bet that now you probably have a few questions of your own about our process. We would be more than happy to answer them!