Have you seen this new interactive MotoX PRINT ad from Motorola? Mimicking the product’s website, the device changes color when you touch it. Here’s the link to the video for your reference: http://youtu.be/iMrZmSPpIRw

Now, not only is the ad an amazing piece of technology by itself – it’s powered by batteries and razor-thin LED technology – but the fact that Motorola is actually marketing the making of the ad is another stroke of brilliance! The ad will run in 150,000 Wired Magazines. I’m not a subscriber of Wired Magazine but, being a gadget guy and seeing this video on Facebook really makes me want to go out and buy the issue.

So, it’s a brilliant move for Motorola but it’s also a brilliant move for Wired. I have to imagine their reach will extend a bit for this one. I get to peruse a magazine I wouldn’t ordinarily peruse, I get to interact with an ad I wouldn’t otherwise have glanced twice at, and heck – I might find the ad and the magazine compelling enough to shell out some more money for either one down the road.

Aside from the concept of a customizable phone likely missing the mark since everyone puts cases on anyway, the ad and marketing of it is pretty spot on!

Clear as a Bell Summary

Motorola has managed to marry digital marketing and print advertising into a unique, fun, and engaging ad. The product concept may miss the mark, but the ad and marketing execution will likely drive further print innovation in 2014!