I figured since we are in the early stages and focusing on developing the proper mindset for your online success, I’d bring up a couple things I like to focus on that get me extremely motivated. When you are first beginning to focus your attention on your Internet initiative it is exciting, and at times can seem a bit overwhelming. There are so many ways you can attack your share of the market online, it’s easy to stall out trying to decide the best way to do it.

My advice is just do something!

The amount of people online that buy your products or services grows every single day! Not only that…those people are going to the Internet and letting you know EXACTLY what they are looking for and how often. With this information, and a little work, you can identify markets which your competitors aren’t even catering to!

The beauty is there are very few companies that take the time to focus on these facts and therefore overlook the HUGE opportunity in front of them.


Doing something will put you ahead of 95% of your competitors. Putting forth consistent effort towards a well thought out Internet Marketing plan and you can elevate your company amongst the elite in your industry. You may think this is hype, but it isn’t. You have access to an unlimited, world wide market and an extremely cost effective medium to interact with them as if they are right next door!

Keep these points in mind if you ever begin to get frustrated. The price you’ll pay will be minuscule compared to the return you’ll receive from putting forth planned, consistent effort for the next year and beyond!