Ever year when the clock strikes midnight and we usher in a new year I get excited for all the new possiblities. I know this is simply a point of view and it truly is just another day of course, but many of us treat it as a new beginning. I typically take the last week of a year and reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments and set my new resolutions and goals for the coming year. It is truly refreshing to take this time for reflection and quite exciting to look forward to the next 12 months.

Every year I seem to have a new “healthy resolution” which leads me to the gym along with about 95% of the population. Where would the YMCA be without New Years Resolutions? I have to guess the majority of their membership base is accumulated between Christmas and the middle of January. The task of locating an available parking spot in the health club parking lot can be more challenging than the workout you go through once you finally get inside.

I never worry too much about this “short term” issue because I know that by the middle of February 99% of the 95% of the population will ditch their new healthy resolution and I’ll have a great spot in the front row. That is if I haven’t ditched my resolution as well. 🙂

You may find yourself in a similar situation when it comes to setting new goals and resolutions for your business. You spend the time reflecting on the past years accomplishments and hopefully pat yourself on the back a bit. You then sit down and chart out what you are going to be doing for the coming year and go into the new year motivated and ready to take over the world and as much of your competition’s business as possible. If you really are looking to accomplish these goals and you truly do want to gain marketshare you should resolve to STICK TO YOUR RESOLUTIONS!

Remember the majority of the companies out there follow through on their business plans about as long as they do their new health plans. If you want to CRUSH the competition all you need to do is “keep on keeping on!”

Every smart company out there is constantly thinking about how they can stake their claim to their own corner of the Internet and increase their online revenue. I am sure you’ve found yourself having this internal dialoge many times throughout the course of the year and I am quite confident this was probably one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Well if it was then MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH! I heard a quote from someone the other day that said, “There is no shortage of good ideas, there is only a shortage of follow through.” Don’t let this lack of follow through negatively impact the future and strength of your company. If you don’t know how you are going to increase your online revenue, start from square one and learn what it takes.

The most important ingredient that is absolutely necessary to succeed online is having a plan! The days of succeeding online by chance are over.

There is no shortage of “experts” online who can teach you what it takes to succeed, there is only a shortage of companies that are going to take the information these “experts” are providing and act on it!

If you have set your resolution to increase your online revenue I challenge you to follow through consistently for the entire year and watch the results. If you have made the resolution but are unsure what to do, we can teach you. We are holding our “Mindshare Web Marketing Workshop” on February 5th, 2009. This workshop is going to be a full day ( 8am – 5pm) of education. We are also going to provide 90 days of followup teleseminars to ensure you have the necessary guidance to continue to STICK TO your plan. The attendees are also going to receive a video tutorial program of 10+ hours so you will see EXACTLY what you need to do to implement what you’ve learned in the workshop and on the teleconferences.

This is going to be a very “hands on” workshop and therefore we have limited it to a very small group. If you are TRULY serious about increasing your online revenue in 2009, REGISTER.

If you already have a plan then make sure you STICK TO IT! I wish you a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR!