Yin and Yang symbole
We often have the opportunity to work with many different agencies throughout our client partnerships. Sometimes we will do design work while another agency builds the site. Sometimes we build something that was designed by another agency. Those types of situations work very well because the functional behavior of the end product doesn’t depend upon the design work. In fact, in these situations, each agency can challenge the other to ultimately produce a better result.

One situation where a multiple agency solution may not produce a better result is when PPC and SEO efforts are split. Though it may seem that the two efforts break apart nicely, the fact is, they are like the yin and yang of search marketing. I could probably go on for hours as to why it makes sense for these two to be handled together, but I want to keep this relatively short.

When your SEO and PPC efforts are handled by different agencies, unless there is a vigorous effort ensuring those agencies are communicating continuously, you can easily end up paying for terms that already rank well organically. Furthermore, PPC can be used to quickly test the effectiveness of keywords. If a particular keyword happens to be attracting a lot of clicks, that could be a great candidate for some SEO work. After all, who wants to pay for clicks that could be obtained for free?

Clear as a Bell Summary

Strategically aligning your PPC and SEO efforts allows you to convert paid clicks to free ones! Ideally, we want to use PPC to surface SEO opportunities, make a concerted effort to rank organically for the identified terms, and then stop paying for those clicks. It saves money and ultimately produces a better, longer-term result. PPC and SEO are the yin and yang of search marketing. Together they make a perfect circle. Separately they are two tadpoles swimming aimlessly. Smile

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