I recently met with a B2B firm who is hoping to dramatically grow sales as quickly as possible. Their dilemma is how to make this happen with the most return on their investment. They feel that hiring an outside salesperson to pound the pavement and the phones is the surest way. Sooner or later, someone is bound to be in the market for what they’re selling and they’ll be in the right place at the right time to make a sale. It could take 10 cold calls to get a meeting or it could take 50. Once they get a meeting, how much time will it take to convince the prospect that they need the service? And then, that they’re the best company to offer it?

I think that instead of hiring someone to sell via cold calls they should invest in a lead machine.

People are looking for companies every day to solve specific problems. They are Googling for solutions. These people are called “hand raisers.” They are already sold on needing what you sell. The question is, who will they buy from? Will they find your organization in a Google search? If they do, will your online presence impress them enough for them to take action? If the answer is yes and yes, you’re in good shape.

Sell more, sell faster by targeting hand raisers with a solid website and digital marketing strategy. Be found online by hand raisers, engage them, and sell to them.

A website doesn’t need to be trained and coached, it doesn’t take sick days, and it costs a lot less than hiring a salesperson.