We have made a significant effort to make sure you get the help or answers that you are looking for. There are two main channels to get help.
1. If you need help learning how to do something, our Get Satisfaction support forum is the place to go. We post helpful articles, webTRAIN updates, and ideas on the forum. You can search the forum, ask your own question, help other users, report problems, or let us know what we’ve done right.

2. If you need us to do something for you – like fix some content, restore something you have deleted, do some research, setup email, or any number of other items where you’d like the professionals to step in and give it a go ourselves – you can use the new Support for My Site section. Most plans include a yearly number of Train Support credits that you can use towards getting our help. Simply create a ticket and our support staff will start communicating with you.

So what does this look like now? Here’s what happens when you click on the new “Support” button:

Choose the path that is closest to your issue. If you choose to “Find an Answer!”, you will see 10 active Get Satisfaction articles. If you have a question, you can fill out the form. Before you submit your question, the system will show you related articles that you can check to see if your issue has already been asked.

If you need us to take care of something for you, click on the “Get some help!” button. The first screen you see will show you how many credits you have, the date the credits will refill, and the 5 latest actions taken on any of your tickets.

You can view ticket details by clicking on the subject in the notification, click on the link in the email you receive, or going to the View Tickets tab and clicking on the subject of the appropriate ticket. Once you do, you’ll see the entire conversation for the ticket:

We hope this will make it easier for you to get answers or get help!
Thanks for using webTRAIN! We work hard every day to make it the best Web Success platform on the internet.

~ Aaron Brander, Vice President of Product Development and webTRAIN Conductor