NEWS FLASH: Your buyers don’t care about you, your company, or your products! They only care about “What’s in it for them!”

I believe this is one of the most frequent statements we make on this blog, in our articles, in our seminars and workshops, and in conversation. We say it because it is absolutely true and I recommend you take action which is consistent with the truthfulness of the statement. That is if you’d like your company to remain viable.

Hey I know I am being harsh, but would you rather deal with the consequences related to not knowing this fact? I don’t think so.

Alright, the reason you chose to read this post was that you probably were wondering how the heck you could get to know your buyers intimately through I promise you I won’t simply send you there to buy some books on how to do it. That would be funny but I’d be completely wasting your time.

I would NEVER waste your time, so here it goes….

We all know authors spend thousands of hours getting to know the people they are writing for. They excel at writing books at a level their target can understand and is compelled to consume. They also spend a tremendous amount of time researching the most compelling topics these people are interested in. Most of the time these topics are completely centered around a problem they are looking to solve. More amazingly, some of these problems the authors write about are right in line with the product or service you offer to your buyers every single day!

You could potentially save yourself thousands of hours of your time by leveraging the time and effort the authors have invested in understanding what is most important to your buyers. All you have to do is go to and search with a keyword that is directly related to one of your most profitable buyer personas. The search should provide you with a list of several books that have been written on that particular topic. Once you’ve received this list, take a look at the summary and chapter titles if you can.

As you go through the list of books you will notice similarities. The more frequently you see the same topics popping up, the more likely it is a prominent problem your buyers are looking to solve. You need to then identify the most prevalent problems that are related to solutions your product or services can provide, and utilize this information to develop strategies to reach your buyers and provide content that highlights how your company can solve this exact problem. can also be used as a source to read the exact feelings of your buyers and determine what the most important piece of information they gleaned from the book. You can access this information by reading user-generated book reviews. This information can also be used to figure out how your buyers refer to the products or services you offer. You’ll quickly notice they don’t use the same industry jargon and gobbly gook you use when you’re talking to other people in your company. Learning from this can help you speak the same language your buyers speak and help them come to the conclusion that you TRULY know them, and what they are looking for.

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever used this strategy before and if you haven’t but have tried something similar that was “out of the box” I’d love to hear that as well. Don’t be afraid that if other people know your secrets that your ideas will no longer be valid. The best way to build a large online business is to approach it from an “Abundance ” mindset and not a mindset of “Scarcity.”