Vlogs are replacing blogs. They’re quick snip-its of information that would otherwise be typed up as copy and posted onto a website. A variety of information can be communicated in an entertaining, easy to understand format, and, when presented in three minutes or less, in a small amount of time.

But how can it be that just a year ago – even a few months ago – writing was simply enough? YouTube and Vimeo have been popular video sites for years, but suddenly they seem to have burst with activity. Social media sites now allow sharing of entertaining videos through their platforms, and video content is increasing in views exponentially.

According to eMarketer, the factors contributing to the success of videos “include the ongoing strength of the smartphone market, healthy competition among makers of mobile operating systems and continuity of content offerings across screens.” People are looking for quick and easy ways to learn about the industry or product they’re interested in, and watching a video on their mobile device while waiting in their dentist’s office is much more time productive than researching article after article. It just makes sense.

So get yourself, your coworkers and your customers in front of the camera. What was one key point learned in that quarterly meeting? How did your boss influence your decision to design that new website? What did your customers like about your recent promotion? Catch these reactions on video and share them with the world – they’ll speak for themselves in volumes. And be wildly shared.

Writing about how important a video blog is seems counterintuitive, but at the moment resources limit our vlogging abilities. Goal for 2012: entertain you, readers and subscribers to MINDSCAPE’s blog, through vlogging content. Get ready, it’s coming.

Renee Achterhof is a content developer for MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry