Storytelling.  We’re introduced to this concept at a young age, before we can make sense of the characters on a page, or tablet or phone.   Because of this, we have to trust the person relaying the story.

Telling a story can be magical and very captivating. But, the word storytelling often is associated with fabrications or fictitious characters.  So, where do you find the right blend in being truthful and adding enough interest to the content that readers want to engage with your message.

It’s like this post.  What I write needs to draw your attention and keep your interest and provide you with something relevant and helpful.  Maybe the entire concept isn’t new, but I plant a seed that helps you later.  Keeping this focus is the first step, so here goes….

Attention/interest – if you’ve made it this far, you’re with me.  Pick something that will resonate with people in your industry or target audience.  I started with a reference to a part of most people’s history.  But, as I continue, people will self-select to continue reading or not.

Relevant –  write about something current.  It’s ok to include some history for perspective, but don’t talk solely about business in early 2002, if we’re ten years out.

Helpful – I like to give questions at the end of my blog to inspire people to take action now.  Giving examples also helps create some context as long as they are relevant, interesting and simple – see the pattern.

Now apply this concept to your life:

How can I tell my story when I meet someone for the first time?

How can I tell the story of my organization?  Whose perspective do I use?

How can I tell the story of my community?  When would I do this?


Now go tell your story and enjoy the process!