It’s no question that things change quickly, faster now than ever before. We’re both blessed and cursed with the pace of change, the impact of technology on our ability to do more with less – and do it faster, often finding distractions and efficiencies in the same tools.

My three year anniversary at MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry is coming up, so I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned…..

  • Java, Jquery and JavaScript are not the same thing.
  • iPhones and iPads, cool as they are, cannot see Flash. They can see JavaScript.
  • Blackberrys can’t see JavaScript. Droids can see both, and that’s why I have a Droid.
  • Websites often taken longer to complete than people think they should (even one of our partners said that about our new website…which is still coming soon).
  • Being on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean you know, understand or are good at social media.
  • Every Web designer, Web developer and Web company has a different approach.
  • ASP.NET and PHP are programming languages. The difference is often in the programmers preference. Kind of like a Mac versus a PC.
  • Flash intros, even though they still exist, are like a stop sign to search engines.
  • Google gets nearly 80% of all search volume. EIGHTY PERCENT!
  • Adwords and paid search can be an expensive lesson if not done properly.
  • Search results will get, and are getting, more and more personalized based on your location, browser/cookie history and the influence of your social connections.
  • All links are not created equal. Link building and inbound links are earned, not paid for.
  • Websites can be used to measure all your marketing activity – whether that’s SEO, social media, print ads, direct mail, trade shows and more.

I obviously had a little fun with this one. I’m just amazed at how much there is to learn and know about search engine marketing, search engine optimization and changes that impact the way we go to market, reach our customers, stay in touch with one another and more. Most importantly, it takes a well disciplined team to stay on top of these trends, talk about them, learn the impact and bring the best of the best to the customers they serve.

How has technology impacted your life, work and/or education?

Rebecca Dutcher is a business development partner and internet marketing expert for MINDSCAPE at Hanon McKendry