This word is used often, maybe too often. Because it is so open to translation. Accountants value the word value – see it’s a verb and noun, differently than a sales person. And a sales person interprets value differently than a customer.

You can be sure a hiring manager looks at the value of a candidate differently than the candidate considers the value of employing him/her. But, if a candidate even goes through this process, they’re ahead of most.

As a talent manager, I don’t hire you or pay you based on the lifestyle you’ve created. That’s your choice. I hire and pay you, based on the talent, skills, value you’ll bring to me. And not only what you bring, but how you employ them.

If you’re just getting started in your career or you’re making a change, take the time to really focus on the value you bring. This is not likely to be the same for each company you speak with. Not that your skills necessarily change, but what skills you use and how you use them should adapt to the environment.

This is similar to how we work with our clients. We showcase up front, what we can do for them in the digital world to provide value for their different customers (we call them personas). And we provide real examples of what we’ve done and what we’ve learned from other experiences.

The process of interpreting the value you bring can be effective for you as well, and often leads to a better you (think individual or team).

Consider this:

1) There is something invigorating about seeing results and taking the time to recognize them.

2) You’ll begin to see patterns of where you’re most effective and where you might be able to make improvements.

3) You’re likely to then seek out other projects/teams/opportunities to use those talents.

Value shouldn’t be just a proposition, it should be a style of work.

A toast to all of my Contributing Team Members (CTM’s) at MINDSCAPE!!! They each add their talents to the team consistently; receive feedback effectively and find ways to improve the team and themselves regularly. Now that’s VALUE!