specialized_companies_need_inbound_IN_TEXT.jpgInbound marketing makes perfect sense for companies that sell large volumes of products directly to consumers. Prospects click on an advertisement or social media mention and head straight to the virtual check-out line. However, don’t discount inbound marketing if you operate in a super-specialized niche. You can still generate revenue and increase market reach.

You Might Have a Bigger Audience Than You Think

Most researchers and professors publish papers and books that are read only by other academics. However, Brene Brown proved that academics could speak to a larger audience. She made her theories more digestible to non-academics and wound up delivering the fourth most-watched TED talk of all time. Now she’s a world-renowned speaker, author, and consultant.

This proves that a small audience can always grow. What if you published content that people outside your niche market could appreciate? You would give your company credibility and perhaps even discover a new market so you could generate more revenue.

You’ll Spend Less Money

The most expensive keywords for advertising programs center around topics that concern everyone (or at least a sizable chunk of the population). For instance, most people need insurance and are concerned about their credit. Therefore, Google and other advertising intermediaries charge more when you want to bid on those keywords.

However, when you operate in a specialized industry, there’s far less competition for the keywords you would need for an advertising campaign. You can make your company visible without dipping too far into your savings. This could lead to massive ROI, especially if your products or services are expensive. Each new client becomes vastly valuable, but you’re not spending much money to attract them.


Your Audience Needs to Be Educated

If you sell a technology worth millions of dollars or manufacture components for spacecrafts, you’re likely generating significant income from each sale. However, your audience needs to understand your company’s value and the way your product works. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble convincing anyone to buy it.

Inbound marketing provides you with a platform for education. By publishing information-rich articles, blog posts, and other content, you’re providing a valuable service that your prospects will appreciate. Additionally, you’re proving your authority in your niche and raising your clout in the industry.

Your Content Can Perform Double Duty

It takes more time and money to generate content in specialized industries and niches because you need more expertise to create it. However, you can increase each piece of content’s ROI by reusing it for other purposes. A long article about your product, for instance, can become the copy for a marketing brochure that explains in detail what your product does. You pay for the content once, but you can use it over and over again for different purposes.

Inbound marketing isn’t just for companies that sell designer handbags or sporting equipment. It can also prove invaluable for niche companies. If you’re curious about the massive ROI you can generate with this type of campaign, request a consultation.