I don’t think I need to say how crucial video content is to a digital marketing strategy. YouTube has over a billion users, and more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Four out of five consumers believe that demo videos are helpful. Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rate by 19%.  Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

The statistics go on and on. The proof is there; video is an essential component to a successful digital marketing strategy. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

You’re problem isn’t a lack of knowledge. You’re problem is a lack of resources. You know what you should be doing, you just don’t have the resources to get the job done.

Well, you’re in luck. About 10 months ago, MINDSCAPE hired a photographer/videographer, and she shared some of the most helpful video and photography resources she has used to improve upon her skills – all taking the form of Youtube vloggers.

Let’s take a look at these vlogs so you can begin your journey to becoming a better video marketer (and a better photographer).

1. Peter McKinnon

I’ll be honest with you, if you are looking for straight instruction Peter Mckinnon probably isn’t the first person you should go to. That being said, there is a reason he gained one million followers on YouTube in just four months. His vlog is fun, fresh, and friendly. He treats each video as if it is a conversation with a  close friend, which makes him easy to watch. He almost makes it feel like you are out shooting with a buddy instead of watching a video on your computer.

Peter mostly covers processes and products. He’ll take you through what he does to get a certain shot, or he’ll post a short entertaining video and then make another video explaining how he reached the final cut. His product reviews are honest and easily understood, so no matter what your experience level, you should be able to gain some insight from what he has to say. 

2. Mango Street

If you are anything like me, you start a video tutorial, get three steps in and:

  1. Get confused.
  2. Get bored.
  3. Or realize the video isn’t really all that helpful.

The Mango Street vlog stays true to its mantra of providing tutorials that don’t waste your time. While it is a photography vlog, it has a lot to teach anyone who has a camera in their hands. The videos are practical, easy to follow, and incredibly informative. My personal guess is that almost all of the videos they make feature problems they themselves have run into.


3. Travel Feels

Travel Feels is a channel by Matti Haapoja, who is from Finland but based in Ontario (and he happens to be friends with the first vlogger on our list, Peter Mckinnon). His channel features similar content to Peter’s: tutorials, product reviews, process demonstrations. But it also offers more reflective discussions reminding you of why you do photography. His footage is absolutely stunning, and can make anyone want to book a flight somewhere and jump right in.  This kind of inspiration might not be critical to your work, but I find a little pep talk here and there to be extremely helpful in keeping me driven and creative. 

4. Justin Odisho

Justin is the perfect vlogger to watch if you need help with the editing process. He somehow manages to talk about complex editing skills and processes while remaining clear, concise, and intelligible. He has a wide range of videos covering, Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Photoshop.

5. Josh Katz

Josh is a student at NYU who’s channel mostly contains skateboarding videos, but after gaining popularity with his skills both on a board and with a camera, he started to do videos on photography. His videos are geared towards beginners, so they are fantastic if you, a coworker, or an employee are just starting out in the photography or videography field.

6. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is a channel run by Ted Forbes. He has been in the business for many years and brings with him tons of experience and knowledge. He highlights techniques, other artist’s styles, composition, and the history of photography. Ted also runs his own ‘Virtual Class’ by having Photo Assignments as a regular video segment. In this segment,  he comes up with new tasks and ideas and invites you to challenge yourself and be engaged with him and your fellow YouTube peers. 

7. Think Media

Think Media is a channel by Sean Cannell, an energetic and enthusiastic photographer who has content focused on tech, gear reviews, lighting and audio tips, and overall tutorials. If you are questioning any gear or tools, his channel most likely has a video for you. Before you start buying your equipment, be sure to check this vlog out.

8. Casey Neistat

Casey is a well known YouTube vlogger with most of his videos surpassing 1 million views each. He has a sarcastic and fun attitude that is bolstered by his incredible video skills.  Casey has extensive technological knowledge and knows YouTube culture inside and out. Hearing his thoughts and opinions can help you to think outside the box with your photography and video, and truly tap into your creative mindset.  

9. Kai Wong

Kai has a spunky personality that keeps you intrigued and curious. While he was once the face of DigitalRev, he now has his own channel focusing on gear and reviews. Covering virtually the entire spectrum of camera brands, he is quite knowledgeable but is also brutally honest, which makes him a fantastic source for REAL testimonials.

10. Chase Jarvis

Chase is the founder of one of the best resources out there, Creative Live (a community filled with professionals in a variety of industries including Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio and more). He has been referred to as one of the most influential photographers in the past decade. His channel consists of three areas: cjLIVE which is a show with the best creators, entrepreneurs etc., Daily Creative where he answers questions from fans on photo, life,  and business, and cjRAW where he highlights creativity and passion.  His channel is truly an all-in-one resource. 

How About One More Resource?

As of now, MINDSCAPE is still kickin’ it old school with a blog instead of a vlog, but – and I don’t mean to toot my own horn here – it is one heck of a blog. If you are interested in receiving more tips on photography, video marketing, and digital marketing in general, consider subscribing to our blog. Just click below, plug in your email, and receive our content on a weekly basis.