We are celebrating 20 years at MINDSCAPE!! As we look back at the tremendous milestone, we want to celebrate the people who put in the work and go the extra mile to make MINDSCAPE excellent. Paul Ferrier, MINDSCAPE CSO and co-founder, is an artist and entrepreneur who goes the extra mile for his clients every day.

“I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I always knew that I would own my own business someday.”

He was raised by parents who started a car restoration company, a tow truck company, a trucking company, and a trailer company. Paul and his parents aren’t the only business owners in their family, it’s something they value.

Beyond knowing he wanted to start a business, Paul also wanted to design things – he just didn’t know what. He combined his love for design and desire to tap into the cutting edge of business and technology, and took his talents to learn about the budding internet.

“I got into web design not knowing anything about the internet. At the time, to me, the internet was AOL back then.”

Anyone who was around in the late 1990s can probably identify with Paul. Some still thought it was a passing fad – most had no understanding of what the internet would become.

In the spirit of pioneering, Paul received the first degree EVER in the state of Michigan for Web Design and Development from Baker. Not only that, he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA. He offers this advice on how he was able to master web design so quickly after thinking the internet was a just fad a few years earlier.

“You’re looking at their design style, their writing style, their dev style. All these different things that could be the next level or something you need to take some cues from.”

Paul has always been very much in the weeds of day to day work, both with and for clients. ROI is the name of the game for Paul and he wants to make sure every client’s dollar is used as fully as it can be. To this day, he remembers the feeling of receiving the first check from a client, a professor at Baker college.

“Right away there was this sense that there was a lot of responsibility to turn out something great. It’s the same as it was on day one. Providing those results. Providing that return.”

This sense of responsibility that Paul brings is something that we love about Paul because even as we celebrate 20 years at MINDSCAPE, we want to remember that it’s the people at a company who make it great and have helped this company grow to help so many people these past 20 years.

Check out what Paul and MINDSCAPE can do for your dollar.