How are you measuring against your goals for 2012?

We’re all in this together. Time goes by faster and faster, everyone is “busy.” Like many professionals and businesses, we took time in late 2011 and earlier this year to identify our goals for 2012. As we begin the planning process for next year, it is a good time to look back on those objectives and see how we’re doing.

Why? Well, looking back at what you set out to do can be energizing as we head into the home stretch of the year. Remember all the planning, conversations and excitement when you set those goals? Rekindle that excitement and go for it. You still have over three months left in the year.

Use what you’ve learned throughout the year to discuss in your planning sessions.

  • Did technology impact your goals or your strategies for achieving them?
  • What does your competitive landscape look like now compared to 9-12 months ago?
  • What feedback do you have from customers to guide your goals for next year?

This type of review and analysis will allow you to have meaningful conversations and ultimately set challenging, yet attainable goals for 2013.

If you haven’t already, print those goals out and pin them near your desk. Having constant reminders of where you’re headed are sure to keep you motivated to check those off the list and go for it.

Here’s to a strong 4th quarter for you personally and professionally. Feel free to share your goals or even your challenges with us. We’re happy to celebrate with you or support you in reaching for the stars.