In recent years, it seems like Facebook has been tweaking their algorithms every few months. Many of these changes have made it more difficult for marketers to share content with their full audiences because of a decline in organic reach. One way around this is creating paid Facebook campaigns that are specifically targeted to certain segments of your audience. 

A few months ago we expanded our training offerings to include a series of new workshops. As a new service, we wanted to get the word out about them to as many people as possible via social media.  But we needed a way around the limitations of an organic Facebook campaign, so we decided to give the paid route a try. We set up an ad campaign that would show the specified segments of our audience one of the two videos below. 

We segmented our audience using the following criteria:

Location: Grand Rapids (+40 km), Kalamazoo (+40 km), Traverse City (+40 km), Lansing (+40 km)
Age: 25-65
People who match:
Interests: Small business, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Owners, Marketing or business owner
Behaviours: Small Business Owners
Job title: Co-Owner/CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Executive, Senior Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Director, CEO/Founder/Owner, Online Marketing Manager, Owner and Managing Director, Digital Marketing Manager, Content & Marketing Manager, Marketing/Brand Manager, Owner/Manager/CEO, Senior Marketing Executive or Owner and CEO.
How did we arrive at these criteria, by critically thinking about our buyer personas, who they are, and what they are interested in. 

The Result: 

We certainly acheived our goal of getting social traffic to the workshop page on our website, despite the limitations that Facebook is putting on organic campaigns. 

  • This targeted campaign earned us 31,445 Impressions and 263 Link Clicks between the 2 videos.
  • In the last 2 months, that targeted Facebook advertising brought in about 1/3 of the total views for that particular page
So you can see, as Facebook changes the way it operates, you just have to change along with it. Change the way the content that you create, be it blogs, videos, infographics or anything else; gets in front of your audience. And the key to any sucessful social media promotion is planning and organization, if you are looking for a tool to help you; check out our Content Calendar!