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Content is king. Websites should be designed to deliver content, not merely serve as pretty wrappers to drop content into. With this growing emphasis on content it’s no surprise that typography plays a major role in the user experience and is arguably the most important design element of your site. Great typography not only looks good, but is highly functional.

Go bold, or go home.

In 2017, typography on the web is getting bigger, bolder and more visually interesting.

So much so, that in simple, minimalist site layouts, there is an opportunity to let your typography “be the design”.  A creative, highly functional site can deliver using only text and little to no imagery. Which doesn’t typically work the other way around (unless you’re a photographer, of course)

We’re seeing more designs dominated less by traditional imagery and more by big, beautiful typography.

marie_catrib's.pngCredit: Marie Catrib’s

Why is typography taking over?

As design tools and technologies evolve, typography on the web is taking more cues from traditional print, which never had the design limitations of the web. With traditional print, once something is printed, viewers can see your design as you intended it. Something that until the creation of universal font styles (fonts that look the same no matter what device or operating system you are using to view them) wasn’t possible for online design.

But now, thanks to sites and tools like TypeKit, FontSquirreland, we can finally deliver great typography to everyone’s device.


Credit:Font Squirrel

If you are feeling inspired and want to see more of this trend, here are some examples that showcase it very well:

Typography and font styles are just one thing in the world of website design and development that has seen a lot of changes recently. Another is the way that sites are actually being built. More and more shops (MINDSCAPE included) are taking a Growth Driven-Design approach to website design and dev. To find out more about this unique approach and what it can do for your next website project, download our ebook!

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