I listened to a webinar yesterday that was put on by Yanik Silver . There was a ton of great info on how to discover your unique genius – and combine what you love with meaning and income. One of the most important things I took from the webinar was that you don’t have to go a million miles an hour toward reaching your goals. You can make significant progress by simply doing something consistently. They discussed a couple examples of individuals who had build entire businesses in approximately four hours that are producing significant income still today.

We all find ourselves with piles of work to do and an endless todo list. This creates a perfect opportunity to rub your face in a frustrated manner and say, “I am just too busy to do anything!” If you think about it this is simply an excuse. We all can find the time to do the things that are important to us. It is all in how you prioritize.

If you have a goal to increase your online revenue there is nothing stopping you from doing it. Nothing that is… except you! Don’t make excuses, simply make sure you are making progress every single day. Even if you can only find 10-15 minutes to do something to improve the optimization of your website. These 10-15 minutes could very easily result in your site receivng a significant traffic increase and possibly a bump in your revenue.

The bottom line is: IF you want to be successful online … Just do something each day, no matter how small you think it might be!

If you’d like to review the webinar just click here to review a free recording.