Season’s greetings! Here at MINDSCAPE, we value the customer experience of our clients above all else. With that in mind and with the holiday spirit all around us, we’d thought we’d have some fun over here and ask ourselves whether everyone’s favorite jolly holiday friend is really providing a great customer experience for all the good boys and girls.

Or has Santa been riding good PR more than reindeer the past few years?

Listens to Customer Needs, Uses Data Customer Provides (Sit on Santa’s Lap)

Santa may only deliver on December 25th, but he’s putting in work all year long to get ready for that day. The naughty and nice list has to be a daunting task, especially since it’s changing all the time. But one overlooked part of being Santa which takes time to put the proper care into is listening to every child. You’ll find him in malls across the globe, eager to greet every child for a one-on-one personal experience. He’ll try his best to learn about every boy and girl no matter what – but he’ll happily listen if a child wants to go out of their way to tell him what they want.

Not only does Santa provide a personalized experience, he creates many avenues for children to communicate with him – when it’s most convenient and comfortable for them. If you prefer the traditional, one-on-one route then Santa is happy to take the time for every child to sit on his lap and get the full Santa experience. But if you’re busy or just shy, Santa is happy to accept a list in the mail.

No Returns

We’d like to think that Santa is usually a pretty good gift giver, but he’s got a lot of boys and girls to serve and sometimes he misses the mark. One big mix-up that often happens at Santa’s workshop is he gives you the same gift as another member of your family.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you would rather have store credit at Santa’s workshop than whatever he brought you that year – sadly that is not an option.

Flexible Pricing [FREE]

Santa has us all beat in one category – he offers his goods and services at the unbeatable price of free. If we’re going to compete with Santa on this one, we’re going to have to think outside the box. Maybe we all need to start brushing up on our magic because Santa has something figured out that we don’t.

Inflexible Delivery Schedule

While having gifts magically appear sounds nice – and we’d all love if our Amazon packages appeared on our doorsteps free of charge – there is a catch to Santa magic. Santa has a super narrow delivery of only December 25th – and that’s it. Amazon can get you what you need in two days year round. Although, Santa magic can reach places worldwide even the Amazon truck can’t go.

He may be good for granting your heart’s desires, but if you need some socks delivered on March 8th then Santa is not your man.

Delivers an Experience that Feels Personalized – Meets and Exceed Expectations

Santa does an astounding job of doing everything he promises with the Santa experience. There may be limitations to what Santa can deliver and when he can deliver it, but when Santa comes, it’s with the exact gift you wanted or something you didn’t even know you wanted.

At its core, customer experience is about meeting and exceeding expectations with a personalized experience. Santa magic does exactly that.

MINDSCAPE Magic Customer Experience

We may not have all the powers of Santa here at MINDSCAPE, but we do think we bring our own brand of MINDSCAPE magic to the table when it comes to getting your business a wonderful customer experience on all fronts of your digital marketing efforts.

Yeah, we do that.