Personally I find the reflective nature of the new year to be one of my favorite parts of this time of year. Getting things like my Spotify Wrapped playlist is fun for me (I’m strangely proud of my collection I’ve stored since 2014).

Well here’s HubSpot’s equivalent to Spotify Wrapped. And this one might be more exciting than your music – the results in the HubSpot annual ROI report are all about how HubSpot has helped their users drive better results in 2022.

Generate More Traffic

HubSpot Website Traffic Performance Annual 2022

Getting on HubSpot yields benefits almost immediately. Within the first year, HubSpot customers are able to attract 113% more traffic to their websites. Generally 10-20% growth in website traffic year over year is a good benchmark, so 113% is a massive increase. HubSpot has all the tools you need to bring traffic to your website so it’s no surprise to see this stat. 

A HubSpot portal has all the essentials like sitemap and SEO tools to make sure your website is being found organically on the web with proper optimization. You can also set up automated campaigns for email and ads, schedule social posts, publish blogs, and more. All of these strategies are great for driving traffic to your website.

More Inbound Leads

HubSpot Leads Performance Annual 2022

HubSpot customers acquire 129% more inbound leads through form submissions within the first year – another massive increase. More leads are how you keep your whole inbound flywheel moving and are one of the best things you can be generating for your business.

Not only does HubSpot have everything you need to set up robust and engaging forms to generate leads, it has everything you need to make sure those forms are actually getting in front of your audience. Linking forms and CTAs on your website is simple with HubSpot – set up a HubSpot form template once and you can use it everywhere. You can also use all the messaging channels you used to generate traffic like emails and blogs to engage your audience with action-oriented content.

Close and Win More Deals

HubSpot Deal Close Deal Performance Annual 2022

After a year on HubSpot, customers close and win 36% more deals with a 109% better deal close rate. Close rates can vary a lot from industry to industry but you can expect about a 19% close rate without the help of software that generates sales qualified leads like HubSpot. With the help of HubSpot, you can expect closer to a 30% close rate.

You can set up your whole sales pipeline in HubSpot. The cohesion that HubSpot provides is a huge reason companies are able to close deals more effectively. HubSpot can provide your business a sales pipeline that is organized and efficient – with the right people being notified every step of the way so no deals fall through the cracks.

Much, Much More in HubSpot Annual ROI Report

This post was just a teaser for the whole HubSpot annual ROI report and all the ways you could be using HubSpot to improve the web experience you offer customers – with everything nice and easy in one place for you. If you are interested in getting started with HubSpot or need help managing your current HubSpot instances, we can help. We are a HubSpot Platinum Partner and we’d be happy to help you get started. You can click below to learn more about the services we offer.