Join Us Thursday, January 19th

Lunch & Learn How to Think Like Your Buyers 

We are happy to announce our first Lunch & Learn Workshop of 2017! We will be discussing how to build your buyer personas by thinking about who they are, their pain points and what motivates them. 



Class Starts Tuesday, January 24th

Our Create & Execute courses have been selling out fast! Why? Because with this course, we open our playbook and provide you with all the processes, tools and thinking you need to get started with your OWN content marketing strategy. 



Old Product Line Gets New Life

What do you do when one of your old product lines doesn’t perform quite as well as you might like online? This is a dilemma that one of our clients has been facing. So in December, we’ve been executing a rather aggressive plan based around pricing, traffic, and conversions. Here are the initial results.
December 1st – 8th
  • Spend as % of revenue: 63.3%
  • Average Order Value: $47.69
Through December 8th, clearly our initial plan wasn’t working as well as we needed it to. We reviewed the data, gained insights, made adjustments, and started to see better results:
December 9th – 18th
  • Spend as % of revenue: 14.4% 
  • Average Order Value: $169.87 
While we are still working to improve the numbers, we’re on target to achieve the lofty revenue goal we set for December that nearly matches what the product line has generated over the last 12 months.
This focus has brought new life into this old product line that we expect will generate significant ROI for many months and years to come.
To learn more about the results we’ve produced for our clients, head over to our website!



‘Tis the Season for Giving 


We can get so caught up during the holiday season with rushing around shopping and attending holiday parties, we often forget that for a lot of people, the holidays are a hard time of year. 

This year MINDSCAPE, had the privilege to take part in the United Way’s Adopt-A-Family program.The program matches sponsors with a local family in need this Christmas. We had a great time shopping for our adopted family, who are Burmese refugees with 2 small daughters. 

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