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Developing Your Buyer PersonaJoin us Friday, February 24th !

We are now offering a new training opportunity! Join us from 1:00-5:00PM for our first Implement Inbound Workshop to dive deep into the formation and implementation of a Buyer Persona!

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Class starts Tuesday, February 28th !

With this course, we open our playbook and provide you with all the processes, tools and thinking you need to get started with your OWN content marketing strategy.


“How to Think Like Your Buyers”

Join us Thursday, March 16th !

We will be discussing how to build your buyer personas by thinking about who they are, their pain points and what motivates them. It’s important to know your buyers. After all, they are the basis of any successful Inbound Marketing strategy!

Case Study

Clear Path to Increased Application Rates


The process of applying for college can be tricky, and it can be made even trickier if prospective students have to search and search your website to find the information they need to know before applying, about things like academic programs, financial aid, etc. If they have to do too much searching, they might even loose interest and not apply to your school (especially if they were already on the fence about applying).

One of the the easiest ways to reduce this friction is by making sure that your site has very clear and intentional user paths, making key parts of your website easy to navigate to.

This tactic is something that we did recently for two of the universities that we work with, Columbia College Hollywood and Tribeca Flashpoint College. The data shows that by having a clear user path, it would be easier for prospective students to find the information they needed to proceed with the application process.

After having the updated user paths live for several months, in conjunction with other marketing efforts to improve the user experience, both schools improved their application rates! CCH exceeded their new student goal by 40% and Tribeca exceeded their goal by 27% for Winter starts.

To learn more about the results we’ve produced for our clients, head over to our website!


Meet the team!


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What brought you to MINDSCAPE?

After graduating from Western Michigan University, I moved up to Grand Rapids and started looking for jobs in marketing or PR. In college I majored in Communication Studies (with an empahsis in PR) and wanted to put the skills I learned to good use. I interviewed with Pete and the team and knew MINDSCAPE was the place for me; and the rest is history.

What do you do here?

I’m a one of the Content Writers. So my day-to-day consists of writing website content, blog posts, social media posts, and creating any other miscellaneous content that we need.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I LOVE to read, and will read any book I can get my hands on. I also really like to cook, lately I’ve been really into learning to cook Indian food.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Why?

I think it would be teleportation. I love to travel and have a long list of places that I want to visit, being able to teleport would making visiting those places way easier.

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