Take a look at the following commercial. Take detailed notes of any thought in your mind during your viewing. Pop some popcorn and enjoy.

Here are my own thoughts during my viewing:

1. Jealous of the camera lens used to film…such great detail!

2. Dogs’ fur moves in ways I never knew were possible.

3. Wonder what kind of treat that is?

4. Dogs get really excited when they see a treat. Their eyes get really big. You can almost see into their soul.

5. They cock their necks and launch themselves into the air with great ease and grace.

6. They have really cute feet.

7. They have great aim and depth perception – the treat makes it in their mouth every time. Amazing!

*I catch myself mouth wide open, stretched neck, reaching for said treat. Shoot!*

8. The treats are SO good.

9. Their tongues are quite pink. And very long.

10. Dogs begin to look like people after watching them long enough, in slow motion, at a certain angle.

11. Dogs are like little magic angels, who ascend from above.

12. Pedigree is absolutely amazing, and will make your dog super happy, no matter their size or breed.

If I had a dog, he would eat Pedigree. Hands down. Why? This content rocks.

Pedigree looks at dogs in a different way. Dog food is not exciting. No matter how you look at it, it’s an incredibly difficult product to make people giddy about. A different angle and approach can solve that problem in a heartbeat. Rather than having Scruffy wander about and look cutesy for the camera, viewers see a handsome, mature dog who has never in his life been so excited. To get a treat. Must be a pretty special treat!

Humans feel the emotion. Notice how enticing this spot is? How you seem to get sucked in, even though you know it’s a commercial for simple dog food? Not only is it entertaining and well executed, your emotions have been tapped into. Animals and babies are the two easiest ways to relate with almost any human being. An animal who moves with amazing grace and anticipation cannot be ignored.

They save the brand til the very end. This keeps the consumer on their toes, dying to find out what type of treat these dogs are craving so intensely. Okay, maybe not dying to find out, but aren’t you curious about which dog food company is this smart? To do this with dog food? I was.

Two of my observations weigh out the others:

3. Wonder what kind of treat that is


12. Pedigree is absolutely amazing, and will make your dog super happy, no matter their size or breed.

High five, Pedigree – you’ve done a great job with this one. I don’t have a dog and I want to buy Pedigree. I am actually pretty excited about your product now…even though it’s just dog food. Did I mention I don’t have a dog?