Twitter: The place to be for B2B inbound marketing

What comes to mind when you think of Twitter? Many people would answer, a social media site where people interact with friends and learn the latest information about current events and the lives of celebrities.

While that is true, Twitter is also a growing channel for B2B marketing. With over 500 million Tweets being sent daily from hundreds of millions of users, it is an excellent tool for B2B marketing because it allows for:

  1. Real-time communication with your customers
  2. Real-time customer service communication
  3. Networking with other businesses and industry leaders
  4. Building brand reputation as an industry expert
  5. Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you’re ready to make your B2B organization one of the brightest stars in the Twitterverse, follow these 5 tips and you will be sure to shine!

1 | Interact with the RIGHT people

The old saying “it’s all about who you know” definately rings true as having a solid network is key to success on Twitter. Who you should be following:

  • Others in your industry, particularly ones who are considered to be thought leaders
  • Businesses and organizatons in your community
  • Currrent customers/clients

If you’re asking yourself how to get people to follow you in return? Engage with them. By tweeting at them and retweeting their content, you’ll get on their radar and increase your chances of them returning the favor and at least follow you back, at best engage with you publically and promote you through retweeting.

2 | Post during business hours

According to an analysis done by CoSchedule, the best time for B2B tweets is Monday thru Friday between 12p and 3p, which coincides with lunchtime or mid-afternoon breaks. Also at 5p, which is when people are leaving work. These are times your audience is most likely to be checking social media. You’ll naturally need to consider your audience’s timezone during scheduling.


3 | Post engaging content

Just because Twitter limits posts to 140 characters doesn’t mean you can’t have engaging content that your customers and others will want to read. Tweet things like:

  • Links to your blog or website
  • Links to interesting articles about your industry or city
  • Photos of happenings at your organization

You can also retweet (or share) content posted by the people you follow. Again, this is a great way to build a rapport with others in your industry and potential customers.

4 | #HashtagsAreGreat

One of the best ways to make sure your Tweets are seen by others is to use popular but relevant #hashtags. Hashtags are one way Twitter lists and organizes topics, making it easy for people to search. At MINDSCAPE, you’ll see we often use #InboundMarketing.


5 | Optimize your Twitter profile

To make it easy for users and search engines to learn about you, be sure your profile has:

  • Your bio: The who, what, why, and where of your organization. Twitter bios are searchable, so be sure to include relevant keywords.
  • Your profile picture: Use your company’s logo, a fun facility or product shot, or some other small, easily recognized image which somehow represents your company.
  • Your location: Include the city and state of your company’s location, a must for locally based businesses.
  • Your website link: Add a link to your main website or whichever landing page you want to drive traffic to.

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