In eCommerce, providing user paths that meet a user’s secondary needs can have a significant impact on revenue.

Take our client Babbitt’s Powersports for example. For many years their website emphasized the availability of OEM parts for all Babbitt’s Powersports brands: Arctic Cat, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Through these intentional marketing efforts and the Parts House brand websites became known as the go-to websites for OEM parts. This was the first win.

As we continued to look for growth opportunities for Babbitt’s the data pointed our team in an obvious direction, accessories. The accessories area was tracking positively and we wanted to help accelerate the growth and capture a larger percentage of the market. Our plan included updating the user experience to add emphasis to the availability of these secondary parts. We executed it in a way that didn’t dominate the user experience, but instead educated the visitors on the availability of the accessory parts through Babbitt’s.

The implementation of these tactics was astounding. Revenue generated from accessory purchases jumped up 59.5% year over year, outpacing the growth of parts sales which was up 27.0% during the same period. Win number 2.

Both 27.0% and 59.5% are amazing growth numbers!  Our 12-year relationship with Babbitt’s has allowed us to really understand their market segment and use the data we’ve collected to create strong long-term goals that we continue to exceed each year. We are excited to continue to learn and apply insights from the data in order to produce even better results for the team at Babbitt’s.

Is it possible to top 2016, which was a record year? We know so! And we are working hard to make it happen.

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of your users and their needs?  Our Target Profile Worksheet can help you get started!