If you’re an avid HubSpot user, you probably already know that HubSpot has been working on incorporating AI tools into their software to make it quicker and easier for users to create the assets they need. However, you may not be familiar with the full extent of HubSpot tools that will be coming to the software soon. With HubSpot’s INBOUND conference well underway, they’ve announced a plethora of AI tools that will assist users in the creation process. Here are a few ways you in which HubSpot’s AI Assistant can make your life easier.

1. Blogging from beginning to end.

HubSpot has 3 tools in beta right now that are going to make the overall blogging process a lot easier. If you are utilizing ChatGPT, Jasper AI, or HubSpot’s Content Assistant, you know how easy it can be to write a blog post using AI, but there is more to blogging than just writing the post. Before you begin, you have to analyze your keyword data and come up with a promising topic. After writing, you need to make sure it is optimized for search engines, and begin promoting it. HubSpot is streamlining the process with their AI Assistant. If everything goes well in beta, you can expect to be able to: 

  • Get content ideas for your blog from Semrush data: HubSpot’s AI assistant, powered by Chat GPT and Keyword data from Semrush, can generate blog topics, post titles, descriptions, and outlines. All you have to do is enter a description of a broad topic, and HubSpot will provide some ideas. Topics are scored on how easy they are to rank for and how popular they are on Google search to help you maximize results. This is a Marketing and CMS Hub tool, it is available to all user from Free to Enterprise, but is currently in a public beta test.
  • Generate meta descriptions and titles with a single click. In addition to keyword-based content ideas, HubSpot is making it incredibly easy to generate SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions. With a single click, HubSpot analyzes your page’s content and uses AI to generate compelling titles and meta descriptions that accurately represent your content. This is a Marketing and CMS Hub tool, it is available to all user from Free to Enterprise, but is currently in a public beta test.
  • Create blog social posts within blog editor. Lastly, HubSpot’s AI content assistant can help you create compelling social posts without even leaving the blog editor. You don’t need to leave the page or shift your focus, let the AI take care of social promotion right then and there. This feature is only available to users on CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise and is currently in a private beta test.

2. Quick Designs for Any Experience Level

HubSpot’s page builder makes it incredibly easy for those without a design background to create website pages, landing pages, and blog posts. But now, they’re introducing tools that take things one step further.

  • AI “Website” Builder: This tool is somewhat niche, but still incredibly cool, especially for users on HubSpot free or starter. HubSpot asks users questions about their business once they have signed up, and then leverages generative AI to create a single-page website. If you are just getting started in the digital space, this can be insanely helpful for getting your feet off the ground. This is a CMS Hub tool that is available to all users including those on CMS Hub Free, but it is currently in a private beta test.
  • AI Image Generation: When creating a custom image or even choosing the right image for a blog post or website page, a designer is often needed or consulted. HubSpot’s image generation can fill in instead to keep things moving. All you have to do is describe what you’d like and you’ll receive a custom image. This is a CMS Hub tool that is available at the professional and enterprise levels but is currently in a private beta test.
  • AI Landing Page Creation: Perhaps the tool I’m most excited for is AI landing page creation. You can use HubSpot’s Content Assistant to write your landing page, and then, with just one click, have HubSpot create a full landing page for you almost instantly from the copy you produced. You can go from nothing to a published landing page in just a matter of minutes! This feature is available at all license levels and is currently in a public beta test.

3. Reporting Done with a Simple Question

Given my strategic background, I couldn’t resist including reporting in this post because I am genuinely thrilled. With HubSpot’s AI generated reports, you’ll be able to create a report by asking a simple question. No more struggling to find the right properties or metrics, just tell HubSpot what you want to know, and AI will deliver a report that meets your needs. This is an incredible tool for quickly answering questions and putting together more robust dashboards. Notably, this feature is available at all license levels but is still in a private beta.

In addition to report creation, HubSpot also has a feature in a public beta. This feature enables you to edit report descriptions with the added advantage of an AI content assistant, simplifying the process of elaborating on your report’s content and adding data-related notes.


HubSpot is making huge strides in the AI department that will help users create more quickly, and empower those with less training to participate in areas such as design, copywriting, reporting, and more. What’s truly remarkable is we didn’t even cover all of HubSpot’s AI tools. So dive into your account and start exploring yourself. This is just one more way HubSpot can help your team become more effective and efficient.